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Introduction to Cynefin (keynote)

Liz Keogh @lunivore

Whenever we do anything new, we make discoveries. Sometimes those discoveries speed us up, but more often than not they slow us down. The more innovative we are, the more we discover, the higher the risk and uncertainty - so how can we lead, manage and work in a way which embraces that uncertainty and lets us make discoveries early and safely?

In this talk, Liz introduces the latest, "liminal" version of the Cynefin framework to help make sense of different types of situations and how …

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Privacy by Design

Heather Burns @WebDevLaw

In our volatile and uncertain political times, developers can play a crucial role in protecting the safety and privacy of those who use the things we build. Whether you enjoy the support of an employer or work on your own as a freelancer, an informed regard for data protection must become a part of your development workflow.

This talk will provide a practical toolkit which draws on current and upcoming data protection regulation (including GDPR), development frameworks, and recognised …

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Moving Towards Better Coding Standards

Scott Dutton @exusssum

Code standards develop over time, and old code bases often suffer with older standards as there is no easy way to migrate towards the new standards leaving them in an all or nothing state. The tools available (phpcs, phpmd phpunit, phpmnd etc) all work on the whole code base and while some offer auto fixers for the code, larger (and older) code bases have too many issues which can not be auto fixed.

Coverage Checker allows these tools to work alongside the tools mentioned above to ensu…

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Technically DDD

Pim Elshoff @pelshoff

You might have heard of Domain Driven Design. You may have heard DDD is a tool to write readable and change-ready code. You may have even heard DDD comes with a lot of talking, and modelling, and customers...

Starting with DDD sounds big, and scary, doesn't it?

But getting started is not scary! Come find out what DDD can do for your code, tomorrow. We'll use value objects, entities and services to bring order to our mind and code. We'll see how naming things can guide us, but al…

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Websites at the Speed of Light

Luis Ferro @lferro9000

Why don't all websites work at the speed of light?

In this talk, we will take a website and investigate it.

Why is it slow? What is a slow website in the first place?

Then we will run through steps we can take on how to improve the site speed and responsiveness, from infrastructure to code optimizations that are easy to perform and improve dramatically the website.

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Behat Best Practices

Ciaran McNulty @CiaranMcNulty

Behat is widely used as part of a Behaviour Driven Development lifecycle, but it's also widely misused.

In this talk Ciaran will explain what BDD and Behat involve, and show the best practices including writing good scenarios, driving service development from scenarios, and techniques for fast UI testing.

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SQL, NoSQL and Beyond

Lorna Mitchell @lornajane

We’ve been happy relying on MySQL for years, but have you ever wondered what other options are out there? This session will give you a tour of your options and some advice on when you might want to pick an alternative (and when you might not!). We’ll start with PostgreSQL, a very familiar paradigm but with some very valuable features not available in MySQL. We’ll take a look at Redis, and cover when a key-value store makes a valuable addition to an application. We’ll also visit CouchDB and di…

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State in a Stateless World

Luka Muzinic @lmuzinic

Have you ever heard terms like automata theory, Turing machines and finite state machines? While they might sound too abstract or even out of place for web development, rest assured, they can be quite useful in your web applications.

We will quickly cover some basics and then dive right into most popular PHP state machine libraries. After the talk, you will know benefits of using state machines and, most importantly, how and when to implement them.

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Building Text Adventures and Other CLI Apps in PHP

Tim Nash @tnash

What do Homestead, PHPSpec, Behat, Codeception and Drush have in common? They are all CLI applications written in PHP. In this talk Tim will look at how you can harness PHP in building CLI based applications, using a simple old school text adventure game as his main example.

The talk will cover building command line interfaces, looking at options for threading and managing process as well as building and distributing applications as Phar files.

Building for the command line espe…

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The Security Code Review guide

Nicola Pietroluongo @niklongstone

Is your code secure? Do you know what are the practices in secure code review? In this talk you will see the important aspects of the various controls to build a reference when conducting secure code reviews.

The talk is composed by 3 parts: an overview to secure code review and the advantages it can bring. A methodology section with more detail on how to integrate secure review techniques into development organizations S-SDLC and what are the main attacks you should fight against. The…

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Looking After Your Mental Health, a Guide for Software Developers

Mark Railton @railto

Mental health issues are something that affects a staggeringly high number of people in the software community yet are a topic rarely spoken about due to the stigmas associated with them.

In this talk we will hear some of the things to look out for in others as well as in themselves, and how it could be affecting them and those around them. Mark draws on his personal experiences of imposter syndrome, depression and anxiety to highlight how these have had a profound impact on his develo…

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Being a Remote Developer

Miro Svrtan @msvrtan

By becoming a remote developer you can broaden your horizons, work on something more interesting to you. You as company, by going remote can find better developers, ppl more interested in what you are doing.

But remote is hard. I will speak from my past experience and show you how I'we solved some of the issues. I'we been a remote developer (part of a team, not freelancer/contractor) for almost 2 years now and I'm loving it but the road was bumpy. Missing office gossip and relevant inf…

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Serving PHP Happily

Jenny Wong @miss_jwo

The most common question or comment from PHP developers is:

“When will WordPress increase their minimum PHP version?”

In this talk Jenny will be sharing the work that has been happening to do just that. She will talk about the work being done with hosting providers, about plugin support, project Serve Happy and what still needs to happen before WordPress drops PHP 5.2 support.

Come along to this talk if you want to find out what’s on the cards for this aging question an…

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