Jenny Wong

Once a Web Developer, Jenny now works as a Community Engineer at Human Made. When she started, she spent her first two weeks organizing a conference. She can often be found evangelizing open source community, event organiser and occasionally, speaker.

Her days are varied: From solving issues with event sites & supporting organisers, to passionately cheering people on to contribute back to their communities. She loves cooking up elaborate ideas to help improve participation experiences in open source projects.

When away from the laptop, she’s usually binge watching Formula 1 & anime, doing house renovations or making a mess whilst cooking. You can find her on your messaging service of choice, making plenty of typos.

Serving PHP Happily

The most common question or comment from PHP developers is:

“When will WordPress increase their minimum PHP version?”

In this talk Jenny will be sharing the work that has been happening to do just that. She will talk about the work being done with hosting providers, about plugin support, project Serve Happy and what still needs to happen before WordPress drops PHP 5.2 support.

Come along to this talk if you want to find out what’s on the cards for this aging question and how you can help.