Mark Railton

Mark Railton currently works as a senior developer on the SynX platform at Transpoco and is a maintainer for the project. He is an advocate for raising the awareness of mental health in the technology sector and, in particular the development community. He is also a volunteer with Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI) to help fight the harmful stigma associated with mental health disorders. Mark originally hails from Belfast, Northern Ireland and currently lives in Dublin, Ireland with his wife and 2 children. When he has time, he occasionally blogs on topics such as development and mental health at

Looking After Your Mental Health, a Guide for Software Developers

Mental health issues are something that affects a staggeringly high number of people in the software community yet are a topic rarely spoken about due to the stigmas associated with them.

In this talk we will hear some of the things to look out for in others as well as in themselves, and how it could be affecting them and those around them. Mark draws on his personal experiences of imposter syndrome, depression and anxiety to highlight how these have had a profound impact on his development career. Mark will also be highlighting some of the amazing resources available through Open Sourcing Mental Illness (OSMI) and showing how they can help with your own mental health as well as making your workplace somewhere that nurtures and supports mental wellness. Finally, we'll also be equipped with some resources on where you can go to get help should you be suffering from mental health issues yourself.