Kenneth Schabrechts

Kenneth Schabrechts is a freelance developer who also has experience as project manager. Having seen both sides of the coin he’s fascinated by what drives both sides and bridging the gap. When developing he’s mostly focused on the back-end of the applications. When not developing you can find him at the gym, a meetup or a coding dojo helping the next generation.

PM: Developing Your Soft Skills

Soft skills are getting more and more important on the workfloor. Developers however forget to practice these a lot and often do not even know how to practice these. With this workshop we will go over some exercises and drills each of us can do to improve our soft skills. Not only theoretically but also in practice. Active participation required!

No laptop will be needed and there will be no development. Instead, we're going to focus on soft skills that matter most to developers. Teamwork, communication exercises and problem-solving quizzes will be the main focus. We hope to help stimulate developers to focus on the soft skills more and more and become better at what they do in their zone, programming.